“Good wine is GREAT  therapy”


Here at Barrel Head Wine Imports, we believe that “Good wine is GREAT therapy”.

The What

We specialize in providing organic, sustainable, biodynamic, and unique wines.

Our ``Why``

We love good travel, good food, and good wine! And, to share that passion with discerning wine-taster aficionados.

Meet our team

Barrel Head Wines has grown into a family operation with each person taking a share of the responsibility of running the business.
Finding the right group of people to work together is a tough job especially with family;
however we know each other’s strengths and work to promote those attributes.
It is this positive attitude that has allowed responsibility to be specified to each person and the team work is amazing!


Head Honcho

The energy and force behind the name.
Expertise is sourcing wines and working with suppliers, government agencies and private licensee’s to identify the customer needs and provide the right product and the right price.


Administrative Assistant

Works with the tasting associate to set up tasting events.  Inventory control, travel coordinator, wine glass washer and delivery specialist.


Wine Marketing Coordinator

Networking and Technical Support Guru.  Design and creation of all sales materials (brochures, presentation, tasting notes, etc.), maintenance of the images as well as other attachments on the website.


Tasting Associate

Tasting wine and making tasting notes on wines as they come in.
Organizes and facilitates tasting events


Financial Accounts

Departmental expense analysis, as well as budgeting and planning.
In charge of preparing annual business plans, monthly financial reports, and managing credit accounts.