Sepp Moser
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  • Country : Austria
  • Founded : 1848
  • Region : Kremstal & Lake Neusiedl (Burgenland)
  • Availability : All Regions
Tale Of The Grape Vintner's Story

The Moser family is one of Austria’s grand, traditional viticultural dynasties. Since 1848, the knowledge of wine has been passed on from generation to generation. The most famous descendant of this family is the viticulture pioneer Dr. Lenz Moser, who in the 1950s developed the high training system of the vine.

Through this, he made the work in the vineyards easier, not only in Austria, but also in many other wine-growing countries. Sepp Moser founded the today’s estate in 1987 with vineyards in the Austrian wine-growing areas Kremstal and Neusiedlersee. He ambitiously dedicated himself to creating exquisite wine full of character from the best and most intriguing sites. In only a few years, he succeeded to become one of the top wineries in Austria.

Sepp’s son Nikolaus Moser took over the estate in 2000. He is one of the first wine-growers in Austria that converted to biodynamic viticulture, trying to push quality levels even further. His personal objective is not only to produce vibrant wines with a strong personality, but also to pass healthy soils as well as a maximum of knowledge and insight of nature on to his five children and the following generations.

The ancestral seat of the family is located 70 kilometres west of Vienna, in Rohrendorf, a small village in the Kremstal wine-growing area. This area is characterized by a permanent exchange of air masses with differing development of aromas and maintains freshness in the wines. 90 percent of the vineyards are located at steep south-facing terraces. The soils are composed of loess and conglomerate.

Predominant varietals are the Grüner Veltliner and Riesling for which there are the appellations Kremstal DAC and Kremstal DAC Reserve. In the Neusiedlersee region, the vineyards lie around the little village of Apetlon. It is the lowest spot of Austria (114m) and in the region with the most sun hours per year. The big shallow Lake Neusiedl has a balancing effect on the continental climate that rules here. The soils consist of deep black earth, which is rich in humus and partly laced with gravel, that radiates heat well after sunset. Immediately after the harvest, all grapes are transported for processing to Rohrendorf, where the wines develop until they are bottled. The Neusiedlersee region is known for its grand sweet wines.

There is one main goal in Niki’s cellar: The quality from the “soils” should be brought into the bottle as gently as possible. Niki Moser tries to interfere as little as possible with the process, so that each wine can develop its own individual style. For instance, the fermentation always tarts spontaneously. The white wines are mainly fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks, however, Niki is also very intrigued by the use of huge 2500 oak casks for his whites. Most of the high end reds age in barriques.