Römerhof Weinkellerei
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  • AVAILABILITY : All Regions
  • Region : Mosel
  • Founded : 1979
  • Country : Germany
Tale Of The Grape Vintner's Story

Despite the Romans having brought grapevines to Mosel over 2000 years ago, the relatively young company Römerhof still reflects the ancient cultural tradition and character in their wines. Their wines allow a person to enjoy a cornerstone of German quality, and western wine culture.

Founded in 1979 and acquired in 1988 by the winery owner Heinz Eifel – whose family is committed to viticulture for many generations – the family wine-making tradition is continued by daughter Anne Eifel-Spohr, who has operated the company since 2001.

The driver for the 1988 take-over was the ambition to serve a broader customer base, and to offer their product range Germany wide. Beside top-quality Riesling wines from the estate´s world famous vineyard region of Mosel, it was now possible to add a selection of wines from other German and European wine growing regions.

Römerhof’s philosophy is to offer a wide-range of quality wines from German wine growing regions, in addition to offering top-quality estate-bottled wines from the Mosel region. This enables Römerhof to meet virtually all consumer tastes. Although, accomplishing this does not mean losing their respect for, and strong commitment to, the natural character of winemaking.

Through close collaboration with winegrowers they are able to influence wine quality from the early stages of winemaking, starting in the vineyard, and surpass the high standards of the discerning wine lover.