Monte da Ravasqueira
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  • Availability : Manitoba
  • Region : Alentejo
  • Founded : 1998
  • Country : Portugal
Tale Of The Grape Vintner's Story

Monte da Ravasqueira has been linked to the José de Mello family for several generations. Located in the municipality of Arraiolos, about an hour’s drive from Lisbon, the estate occupies a vast area of typical Alentejan landscape. It is managed and run by Sociedade Agrícola D. Diniz, SA.

The excellent geological conditions and the climate are well suited to the production of some of the best wine that the Alentejo has to offer. A great deal has been invested in planting vines and also in modern winemaking equipment and in meteorological and plant-health facilities. Investment at Monte da Ravasqueira has also been directed at the infrastructures of an oenotourism project.

Monte da Ravasqueira is committed to the production of distinctive quality wines, while it is also engaged in a number or other activities involving the production of cork, olive oil and honey, as well as rearing fine cattle and fattening of black pig from Alentejo.

At Monte da Ravasqueira, the philosophy of Oenology comes down to maintaining all the quality of the grapes and the character of its wines. All the wines we produce are a blend of tradition, innovation and dedication to the art and science of winemaking.

With its excellent geological and weather conditions, well suited to the production of some of the best wines that the Alentejo has to offer, Monte da Ravasqueira owns a 45 hectares of vineyard, being included in the Alentejo Wine Route.

With an annual production of about 1,000,000 bottles, Monte da Ravasqueira’s first vintage took place in 2001, currently selling in the domestic and export markets the brands “Prova”, “Calantica”, “Fonte da Serrana” and “Monte da Ravasqueira”.

The vineyard of Monte da Ravasqueira is carefully managed and monitored with the main objective of producing high quality grapes. It comprises an area of 45 hectares, most of which are planted on clay-limestone soils with granite outcrops. Such soils have average water retention power in depth, being extremely necessary even in the months of ripening, to carry out irrigation drop by drop to ensure an adequate supply of water and minerals which are essential and critical to the quality of the grapes of Monte da Ravasqueira.

Despite being located in the central Alentejo, in Arraiolos, the vineyard of Monte da Ravasqueira presents thermal amplitudes ones that can exceed 30º C in months of maturation, lying all the vineyard protected by forest mountainous topography, surrounded by two dams equivalent to one third of its area and at an altitude of 270 meters.

All these factors contribute to an unusually mild and cool climate, which gives the fantastic expression of all the aromatic exuberance of the early varieties, as in the case of Alvarinho and Viognier grapes.

This work is, along with many other factors, the basis of the new concept of Monte da Ravasqueira wines.

All Monte da Ravasqueira wines are the result of a selection of the area or areas of the vineyard that stood out each year and showed the main features and columns that each year range must have.