Haselgrove Winery
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  • Country : Australia
  • Founded : 1981
  • Region : McLaren Vale
  • Availability : All Regions
Tale Of The Grape Vintner's Story

Established in 1981, the Haselgrove family made wines from all over South Australia, furthermore building the Home of Haselgrove, a winery in the heart of the McLaren Vale in 1999.

Located in the heart of McLaren Vale, Haselgrove Winery is surrounded by 10 hectares of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon vines, dating back more than 60 years. Haselgrove focuses on small batch production, allowing the blending of small parcels of wine to create high quality wines. Significantly, the small batch facilities allow the winemakers to separate their small parcels, displaying terroir of the vineyard and seasonal variation in the bottle.

McLaren Vale is one of the top Shiraz growing regions in the world. The aromas of liquorice, spice and violets, and the mouthfilling flavours which include spice, plum, black pepper and dark chocolate are classic to the styles Haselgrove produce every year.

In addition to our their vineyards, Haselgrove work with dedicated McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills growers. Varieties such as Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay all thrive in the cooler hills region, producing world awarded wines which are fresh, crisp and refreshing.

The Haselgrove name is of Anglo-Saxon and is a locational surname thought to have originated pre 7th Century, developed when former inhabitants of a place moved to a new area. It is derived for someone who lived near a Hazel grove or thicket. The modern surname can be also found as Hazelgrove, Hazelgreave or Hesselgrave. The first recorded spelling of the Haselgrove name was Richard de Hasilgref, dated 1297.

Whilst the winery is named after the Haselgrove’s who bear the surname, the origin of the family name dates back to the 1297. The establishment of the surname was derived from a family that settled near a grove of hazel trees. However there is more to the connection of the family name origin and the Hazel tree myths and tales that gives the Haselgrove winery the connection to its beliefs that forms its existence today.

The Celts believed the trees that grew around them all held special powers. The Hazel Tree is arguably the quintessential Celtic Tree due to its legendary position at the heart or entrance of the Otherworld. The tree belongs to the Celtic Calendar signifying knowledge, honesty, purity, and creativity.

Each of the Haselgrove wines connects to the stories and a belonging to the past and beginning. The essential connection to each label of Haselgrove wines give a sense of place whilst delivering excellence in a bottle through varietal and regional expression for the discerning wine drinker.

The Haselgrove portfolio is built with small batch winemaking processes and therefore is diverse. The Haselgrove winemakers expression of excellence are packaged via the four tiers of wines, all representing the elegant, full bodied styles for which McLaren Vale has become well known.

The H range introduces you to the quality and style of the brand, the First Cut range delivers varietal expressions with the reds grown from select McLaren Vale vineyards and whites sourced from the cooler climate Adelaide Hills vineyards, the Origin series contains the very best parcels of fruit created every vintage, to the flagship limited release Legend range which features the Cruth Shiraz that is blended from the finest Shiraz parcels from each vintage and Single Vineyard Shiraz released only from outstanding vintages.